Current fabric times are 3 to 8 weeks. Fabrics and silks are dyed to order.

Fabric Sizes

Fabric Sizes-

Aidas (14,16,18,20 and 22) includes opals

 ¼ yard- 18x21 inches

 ½ yard- 36x21 inches

1 yard- 36x43 inches


Linen and Evenweave-

¼ yard 18x27 inches

½ yard 36x27 inches

1 yard 36x55 inches



Jobelan 32ct

¼ yard 18x34 inches

½ yard 36x34 inches

1 yard 36*59 inches


All Fabrics are Zweigart expect for Jobelan. 

46 ct linen

¼ yard 18x29 inches

½ yard 36x29 inches