Fabric Sizes

Fabric Sizes-

 All Fabrics are Zweigart expect for Jobelan. 

Aidas (14,16,18) includes opals

 ¼ yard- 18x29 inches   

 ½ yard- 36x29 inches   

1 yard- 36x59 inches      

Aida 20 and 22 

 ¼ yard- 18x21 inches   (45.72cm x 53.34cm)

 ½ yard- 36x21 inches   (91.44cm x 53.34cm)

1 yard- 36x43 inches      (91.44cm x  109.22)



 Linen and Evenweave-

¼ yard 18x27 inches    (45.72cm x 68.58cm) 

½ yard 36x27 inches    (91.44cm x 68.58cm)

1 yard 36x55 inches     (91.44cm x 139.70cm)


46 ct linen

¼ yard 18x29 inches    (45.72cm x 73.66cm)

½ yard 36x29 inches    (36.44cm x 73.66cm) 



Jobelan 32ct

¼ yard 18x34 inches     (45.72cm x 86.36cm)

½ yard 36x34 inches     (91.44cm x 86.36cm)

1 yard 36*59 inches       (91.44cm x 149.86cm)


All Fabrics are Zweigart expect for Jobelan. 




Fabrics are cut and serged before dyeing.  Fabric will shrink from the original cut size however the total number of stitches stays the same as the original cut of fabric.  Fabrics are listed at their predyed size. 

Send a message for special requests for fabrics and colors. 

If you have any questions sent me an email at brandy@bestitchme.com I am happy to help answer your questions.